Costa Rica Surf Camp X

Surfing Adventure for Beginner to Advanced Surfers

Costa Rica Surf Camp X provides an authenic Costa Rican surfing experience. We offer the personalized instuction the beginner surfer needs, the local knowledge advanced surfers crave and just the right mix of both for intermediate surfers.

One fo the few beachfront surf camps in Costa Rica
Imagine an unforgettable day of great Costa Rican return to Surf Camp X, fire up the grill and kick back with an ice cold Imperial in the hear the quiet rumble of the surf as you look through the palm trees to the think to yourself, "Aaahhhh, Pura Vida!". That's the experience we provide for you at Costa Rica Surf Camp X.

A Family Friendly Costa Rican Surf Camp
A family of four gets free reign on the 2nd floor of our surf camp. That includes 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, dining area and living room with flat screen TV and computer with internet access. That's the equivalent of yor own private villa at room prices, plus the Costa Rica Surf Camp X experience.

Due to the poor economic conditions, Surf Camp X is closed until further notice. Once the economy comes back, so will we.

Surfing Mal Pais, Costa Rica Surf Camp X

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