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The advanced surf camp is geared to the surfer that has been surfing for a number of years. Since you probably surf as well or better than we do, this is not so much a surf camp as as a surf safari with one of our locals as your guide. Of course, we'll be happy to give you pointers if you request.

Our central location in Costa Rica puts us in a position to find waves no matter the swell direction or size. Costa Rica Surf Camp X local knowledge will mean the difference between surfing the packed well known breaks or secluded "secret spots" where you and your friends will have choice of prime waves. Daily transportation (within reason) is included with the advanced surf camp and a boat can be rented for an additional fee.

Surf! Surf! Surf!

You're an advanced surfer, you don't need a baby sitter. Our job is to find you waves that you can tear into. Whether you're a longboarder or shortboarder, we know the best spots. After you've surfed your heart out for a couple days, stop in for your free massage...aaaahh, yes...that's the life.

Due to the poor economic conditions, Surf Camp X is closed until further notice. Once the economy comes back, so will we.

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