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The intermediate surf camp is geared to the surfer that is able to consistently stand and ride down the line. Our location in Costa Rica is on the edge of a sheltered cove which makes for waves that are consistent and easy to ride. We also have easy access to beach breaks with faster, more challenging waves. Intermediate surfers are good swimmers and able to make it to the linup in 2-4 foot surf. The focus areas of the intermediate surf camp is building speed, basic turns and tricks to make it past the shore pound...Costa Rica Surf Camp X is a fantastic place to hone your surfing skills.

Costa Rica Surf Camp X is Focused on You!

We are completely focused on providing an authentic Costa Rican surf experience both in and out of the water. Our secluded location is "off the beaten path" assuring privacy, a secluded beach and uncrowded lineup...but still only a short walk to great Costa Rican restaurants and only 5 minutes from town. Our student to instructor ratio is only 4 to 1 - this is the key to improving your sufing skills. This allows us to provide the highest level of fun, safety and instruction, both in and out of the water.

Due to the poor economic conditions, Surf Camp X is closed until further notice. Once the economy comes back, so will we.

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