See what they say about Costa Rica Surf Camp X.

This is a fantastic surf camp that saved our marriage. We were on the brink of divorce when my friend suggested that we do the surf camp and it was just what we needed.

Jarvis Moss

Looking for an out of the box vacation experience? This is the one for you! Loved my entire stay.

Broderick Austin

I had never thought of surfing as something that I would enjoy so much. I booked on a whim and really enjoyed myself. I will be surfing again soon.

Frederick Kemp

I’ve actually been with Costa Rica Surf Camp X three times. The first time, I went with my college friends. Then, I took my wife on a second honeymoon there. I also went by myself for a long weekend.

Deon Beaulieu

Tried surfing once. Didn’t like it. I was reluctant to go and surf again. My friend took me to this surf camp and it was fantastic.

Robbi Caballero

These guys are great! I’ve never had so much fun in my life. Wouldn’t hesitate to go again.

Marcella Moss

My weekend at Surf Camp was a true surf experience! I was really stoked to learn how to surf but even out of the water the fun continues. The surf instructors are amazingly friendly and hilarious, the camp is really nice and contains all you need for a chill stay and the food is great.

Syd Michael

Surf camp was one of my best trips in Costa Rica. Learned surf skills, made new friends and had a lot of fun. The whole team is very entertaining.

Hugh Naylor

Amazing experience. I learned a lot of Spanish and lost 15 pounds.

Tamika Atkins